RAG DOLL-Poupée de chiffon

Feel like a lone wolf in need of a shelter
A shelter
A true home
In need of sharing Love and Empathy
A true family…

All I know is your prison
All I know is your cell
Where my heart is an ashtray
Where my eyes glow in a dark hell
My soul fades away

All you wanna know is that
I’m yours alone in emptiness
I’m decayin’…
Corpse and soul…
Tasty soup for Halloween.
October 2012

Poupée de chiffon

Comme un loup solitaire en manque d’un refuge
Un refuge
Un chez soi
Un abri à soi où l’amour et l’empathie sont présents…
Une vraie famille…
Tout ce que je connais c’est ta prison
Ta cellule où mon cœur est un cendrier
Où mes yeux luisent en un sombre enfer…
Mon âme s’efface …
Tout ce que tu veux, c’est que je sois à toi
Au sein du vide, je me désagrège…
Corps et âme…
Goûteuse soupe pour la Toussaint

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A propos Windsdaughter

Wind's daughter born at Lyon (FRANCE) express herself in any artistic possibilities since her young age: paintings,photography,writing,poetry,theater,dancing,and MUSIC ... she focused her attention on paintings,and goes on to sing and experiment through classical and,gospel choral,then joined different undetermined punk-rock band's in different cities where she spent some time during her 'dharm ...bum' teenage-hood'. Finally she still try to learn on its own way how to play bass,piano,guitar and look at the possibilities of groove boxes and other instruments. The being of expression and life's experiences are at the center of her work,combined with dreams and their distorsions...Now it depends on what people can see or believe to perceive...
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