Silence de mes rêves. Terre des vents où tu résides…

J’erre dans le jardin de tes pensées

Le silence de mes rêves

Tu saignes sur mes pas.


Quand tes mains me révèlent tes secrets,

Je saigne sur tes lèvres…


Veille mon âme…


Garde un œil sur mes rêves

Parce que je pourrais m’y noyer.


Garde un œil sur mes rêves

Parce que je pourrais y sombrer…




Silence of my dreams. Lands of winds where you live…

I wander by the garden of your thoughts

Silence of my dreams

You’re bleeding on my steps.


When your hands reveal me your secrets,

The sand whispers

The sand whispers


When your hands reveal me your secrets

I’m bleeding on your lips…


Keep my soul…


Keep an eye on my dreams

Cos’ I could drown myself in…


Keep an eye on my dreams,

Cos’ I could sink into it…



A propos Windsdaughter

Wind's daughter born at Lyon (FRANCE) express herself in any artistic possibilities since her young age: paintings,photography,writing,poetry,theater,dancing,and MUSIC ... she focused her attention on paintings,and goes on to sing and experiment through classical and,gospel choral,then joined different undetermined punk-rock band's in different cities where she spent some time during her 'dharm ...bum' teenage-hood'. Finally she still try to learn on its own way how to play bass,piano,guitar and look at the possibilities of groove boxes and other instruments. The being of expression and life's experiences are at the center of her work,combined with dreams and their distorsions...Now it depends on what people can see or believe to perceive...
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