Nymphe d’Orties/Nymph of settles

Nymphe d’orties

Tu es habillée de tes larmes de sang, couverte :

De clous, de haine, d’étoiles, d’éperons d’argent.

Laisse ruisseler sur tes hanches, la poudre blanche,

Le liquide séminal, l’intelligence au reflet d’acier…

Tes mains en fleur, fleurs fanées n’expriment plus

La rouge douleur, la noire souffrance, de ton enfance souillée.

Laisses couler sur tes hanches, ta révolte émasculée.

Laisse ton maquillage te démasquer.

Laisse l’agile serpent se solidifier, glisser sur le satin

De ta geôle vacillante…Une bougie flambe…

Voluptueuse incandescence.

Chaos de l’esprit où le temps se consume lentement.

Tu recherche un refuge. Ta peau est criblée de pieu de glace.

Brises tes chaines…l’aube s’élève…

Tu t’endors, ingénue, dans un linceul blanc.

Tous Droits réservés                                                                    1995

Nymph of settles

You wear your tears of blood

You’re dressed with your nails, stars n’ silver spurs.

You’re wrapped up in your hate, inside of your unsteady jail.

Let stream on your hips the white powder

Let stream on you the seminal fluid

Intelligence with glints of steel

Voluptuous incandescence…

Your hands in bloom are faded

They only express your red pain

Your dark suffering of your stained childhood

A candle’s blazing.

Release your emasculated revolt

Let your make up unmask you

Let the agile solidified snake

Slip through the satin. 

Outbreak chaos of mind

Where time waste away so slowly

You’re searching for a shelter

Your skin is riddled with steels of ice

Break your chains. The dawn rise up

You’re asleep in a white shroud.

All rights reserved                                                                                                        1995


A propos Windsdaughter

Wind's daughter born at Lyon (FRANCE) express herself in any artistic possibilities since her young age: paintings,photography,writing,poetry,theater,dancing,and MUSIC ... she focused her attention on paintings,and goes on to sing and experiment through classical and,gospel choral,then joined different undetermined punk-rock band's in different cities where she spent some time during her 'dharm ...bum' teenage-hood'. Finally she still try to learn on its own way how to play bass,piano,guitar and look at the possibilities of groove boxes and other instruments. The being of expression and life's experiences are at the center of her work,combined with dreams and their distorsions...Now it depends on what people can see or believe to perceive...
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