Je parcours les couloirs du temps. J’arrive chez toi, mais tu n’y es pas.

Je regarde tristement les murs, je les longe.

Je respires ton parfum,ton absence.

Je suis maussade, tu ne m’entends pas. J’écoute ton rire dans la nuit…

Tu scintilles comme par éclat, sur mon paisible sommeil.

Tu vibres en moi… Je me souviens de ton sourire.

Quand je reviens à moi, à demi-évanoui, à moitié-inconscient, je me perds.

Je me débats, j’aurai tellement voulu te ramener près de moi.

Je ne peux que me délecter de ce souvenir et, en souffrir calmement.

Oh, nos voyages dans le temps…Ma brise d’antan, ma Muse enfant.

tous droits reservés.C.Bahlinger extrait du recueil ‘Les mots vivants’


To Dream

I travel through the corridors of time, coming to your home, but you’re away.

Sadly, I look at the walls, and pass along …

I breathe your perfume, your absence.


I’m sullen, but you don’t hear me. I listen to your laughs thru the night…

You’re twinkling on my peaceful slumber.

You vibrate in me… I remember your smile.


When I awake, half conscious and dizzy I get lost.

How much I’ had would take you back near of me.


I only can take delight in this memory, and suffering quietly.

Oh, our travels through the time, my breeze of yesteryear, my Muse-child.


All rights reserved




A propos Windsdaughter

Wind's daughter born at Lyon (FRANCE) express herself in any artistic possibilities since her young age: paintings,photography,writing,poetry,theater,dancing,and MUSIC ... she focused her attention on paintings,and goes on to sing and experiment through classical and,gospel choral,then joined different undetermined punk-rock band's in different cities where she spent some time during her 'dharm ...bum' teenage-hood'. Finally she still try to learn on its own way how to play bass,piano,guitar and look at the possibilities of groove boxes and other instruments. The being of expression and life's experiences are at the center of her work,combined with dreams and their distorsions...Now it depends on what people can see or believe to perceive...
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